I am Weak and Lazy


Are You Weak and Lazy?

Quick Quiz! Here’s how to tell if you’re weak and lazy based on science!

Do you tend to procrastinate?
a) Never, I do everything perfectly all the time!
b) Sometimes
c) I’ll get back to you…soon…

Procrastination is nothing more than losing a battle with your brain because you’re not mentally strong enough to bridge the gap between what your inner child wants, and what you should actually have. It’s the reason you play ‘just one more’ level of farmville instead of doing the laundry or finishing the project you’re supposed to have done by Tuesday.
The instant gratification of leveling up your character in World of Warcraft or making an extra 1000 dollars in virtual poker triggers a release of endorphins in your brain that keeps you glued to your computer, because the happy brain juice you’re getting from the internet supersedes the sense of accomplishment you get from making two eggs.
The same goes for eating. What’s better for you, fruit or cookies? What’s going to help you look the way you want to look? What has more vitamins and will help you feel better? Which would you choose if I gave you an option of both right now?

Chubby Kid Chooses Cookies!
Chubby Kid Chooses Wrong!

So, what’s to be done about this sad, sad state of affairs? Personally, it drives me crazy to think about the fact that I’m predictable, weak and lazy.  Not like nails-on-a-chalkboard driving me crazy, or 3-hour-plane-ride-with-a-crying-baby drives me crazy, or even the far worse can’t-find-any-hotsauce-for-my-mudbucket drives me crazy. I’m talking full on taking me to the outer edges of my sanity, where the nightmares of frightened children swirl around me like the mouth of Charybdis, and I begin to think violent thoughts about the creators of internet memes.


And it’s at this point, ladies and gentlemen, where I’ve made some of the best decisions of my life, and also the most that turn into me throwing up violently.
My inner dialogue starts up again, except this time its my body egging my brain on to do five more reps after I burn out, to add another 10lbs , to pull the sled 3 more laps even though my veins are pumping battery acid. And to prove to myself that I still have it, that I’m not overcome by mental weakness and laziness, I do it.

And in these moments, you can really learn a lot about yourself.


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