You Can’t Accomplish Your Fitness Goals If You’re Doing This

You can't accomplish your fitness goals if you're skeptical

If you want to accomplish your fitness goals, you’ve got to believe, baby! 

Belief—that’s the B-word I’m talking about (what were you thinking?!).

And I’m not talking about woo-woo belief. I mean that if you’re looking for problems in whatever plan you have set out for yourself, then you’re going to find them—and they will sabotage your results! 

Skepticism has no place in the committed mind. You have to believe the way you’re going about pursuing your goals is the right path.

Many, many years ago, I had a job selling books door-to-door. Dream job, I know. I did a week-long sales training to learn how to sell the books, and I didn’t really buy into the company’s methods. I was skeptical and cynical and made more than a few sarcastic jokes about the process during the week.

So, when I actually started selling the books, I only made a half-ass effort. While my colleagues were raking in the sales, my results were subpar.

WHY? Because I didn’t buy into the program. I held back. I didn’t believe in the method.

Can you relate? What about your fitness goals?

Are your results subpar because you don’t fully believe in the training methods or nutrition instruction, for example?

You gotta believe, BABY!

If you’ve hired an established, credible expert to train you, you have to believe the program is going to work to accomplish your fitness goals!

In today’s podcast, I’m talking more about the B-word and a little bit about the S-word, too. You’ll learn how to:

  • See how your mindset affects your results, not just in fitness but in all aspects of life
  • Do battle with the cynical, critical side of yourself
  • Go all-out and all-in to whatever you’re putting your mind to

Ready to see results? Drop the skepticism and be open to things ACTUALLY working. Oh yeah, and listen to this podcast. 


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