Work Harder


There are two people that come to my gym that I like talking too. One is a man in his late 30’s named Tom that has no idea what he’s doing when he walks in everyday. He finds a machine that he likes, does a bunch of reps, the drops to the ground to do pushups or sit ups.
The other guy is named Rich, and he’s in his early 40’s. Rich knows exactly what he’s doing when he walks in, because I wrote his program. We check in one time every 8 weeks, and refresh the program as he makes progress.
Tom works out like crazy, doing ridiculous exercises that I think he might have made up: behind the neck pulldowns, upright rows, crunches, horrible deadlifts, and squats below parallel. At any given time, he’s about 10 seconds away from shitting his spine out onto the gym floor.
Rich is slow and methodical, recording all his weights, sets, and reps. He doesn’t do overhead pressing due to a shoulder injury in his 20s. He doesn’t deadlift because his back bothers him, and he doesn’t like core work.

Guess who makes the best progress?

If you’re in tune with hyperbolic language above and you guessed Tom, you’d be right. Week after week, he goes hard and pushes himself beyond what he did last time.
His weights keep increasing, and his waistline keeps decreasing. His intensity is the key, and it’s what keeps his progress going, even though his diet is sub-par.

But Rich isn’t willing to do the hard work and push out of his comfort zone. Opting instead to do the same workout with identical weights over and over, Rich never shoots for the 5 extra lbs or 2 extra reps.

The bottom line is that you’re definitely not working as hard as you think you are. The human body can take a lot of punishment. Americans prove this by keeping their bodies cramped in an office chair and force feeding themselves horrible birthday cake while pretending they care about Deborah’s two cats; Mr. Butter and ‘lisbeth.

Let’s be honest, that sounds disgusting.

I know you work all day and that you’re tired. But I just don’t care that much. If you can’t respect your body and sweat for 30 minutes a day, you’re going to deserve every ounce of carpal tunnel syndrome you get.

Sweaty office armpit is an epidemic. Get vaccinated.


Here’s a fun circuit you can do at your local fitness institution.

T-Pushups with weight x 30 seconds each side
Rocking Plank rotations x 30 seconds
Burpee with Deck squat x 30 seconds

Rest, rinse repeat x 5


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