Lose Fat Faster By Manipulating the 3 Phases of Fat Loss

lose fat faster by manipulating the 3 phases of fat loss

You know the feeling. You keep seeing all those weight loss testimonials on the internet about people dropping 15 pounds, 20 pounds, 25 pounds or more, and you’re wondering: Why not me?

Okay, so let me set the record straight and I hope this encourages you at the same time. First, people who need to lose more weight drop weight faster. Secondly, there are three phases of fat loss. People drop weight much faster in phase 1 than they do in phase 2 or 3.

So if you’re in phase 2 eyeing the results of someone in phase 1, you’re gonna get frustrated. You’re also in danger of giving up because your expectations don’t line up with the current phase of fat loss you’re in. 

In order to manage your expectations, drop fat, and keep it off, you have to understand the three phases of fat loss and how to manipulate the phase you are currently in (NOT someone else’s!) for the best results. 

The 3 Phases of Fat Loss

Phase 1: This is where the hard reset happens. It’s the most rigid phase nutritionally. It’s also the shortest phase—one to two months tops. People drop weight the fastest in phase 1. So, when you hear of phenomenal results, or see “sensational” headlines about losing fat, they’re talking about the first month or two of fat loss.

Phase 2: The extreme results die down in phase two. Slow and steady fat loss takes over. You begin to develop some sustainable habits that you like, you experience plateaus, you adjust, and repeat. Many people are in Phase 2 when they think “it’s not working” because they’re not losing weight as fast as they did before.

Phase 3: This is the absolute best phase. You’ve already built some muscle, so your metabolism is boosted. Phase 1 + 2 are driven by nutrition, Phase 3 is driven by training.   You get to train in a way that makes you look and feel better and guess what? You can now eat carbs throughout the day without massive changes in your energy. 

How To Manipulate Each Phase of Fat Loss for the Best Results

Now that you have a basic understanding of each phase, on this week’s podcast, I talk about how you can manipulate each phase to get the most return on your fat loss investment!

You’ll learn:

  • How to manage your expectations during each phase so that you can stay on track
  • Why plateaus are a necessary part of the fat loss process and what to do if you’re in one
  • How to know when your body is ready for the next phase of fat loss 

Understanding the three phases of fat loss and learning how to manipulate them is going to help you drop fat and keep it off, have the energy you need to show up for your family, and give you the mental capacity to be dominant in your work.

You ready for that? Listen to the podcast



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