The Fact the Fitness Industry does NOT Want You to Know


Your body is the result of your past 7,665 meals

All of the cells in the human body are rebuilt at least once every 7 years. This means that 7 years from now you will have a body made from 100% different organic material than it is today.

Being that we get the materials to replace dead cells from the food and liquid we put into ourselves, it stands to reason that the quality of your new body will be primarily determined by the quality of the food that you put in it.

You pick.

This also is a good reminder why your 7 day detox or cleanse is not a good idea. Changing only 21 meals in a row usually results in temporary weight loss followed by a rebound where all the weight is put back on with interest.

It’s much more effective to make each of the meals slightly higher quality across the board, which will lead to a more gradual, sustainable change.

Successful weight loss is statistically shown to be harder than most trainers/gurus/supplement companies will tell you it is.

No matter what your goal is, plan on a MINIMUM of a year of lifestyle change in order to lose/gain, then maintain until that becomes a new set-point.

Did someone tell you that all it takes is three weeks? Do they stand to make a financial gain if you believe them? THEY’RE LYING TO YOU. Wake up, supplement companies hate you, and hope you never get skinny.

Gaspari Nutrition (a major brand) is being sued right now for not even having the active ingredients they say they have in their product. The jury is still out on whether those ingredients would work if they were involved, but they’re not. So it doesn’t. It’s not good when the brand you’re buying is betting on you to not get results in order to keep you buying their quick fix potions.

Empirically, I’ve noticed that it takes most people about 12 months after getting to a certain weight to be able to maintain it effortlessly. Not to say they eat shit and stay ripped, but it comes more naturally.

Right now, half of you are bummed out about that, but let me tell you why that’s good news.

Besides all the obvious “You only have one body, you should probably take care of it” bullshit. Just knowing what you’re up against allows you to go into your next goal with a proper respect for what it takes.

You are also now free from all the supplement companies, fitness infomercials and diet gurus who tell you that you can easily get ripped in just 5 minutes per day 3 days per week just from taking garcinia cambogia/rasberrry ketones/FatcineratorX.

And before you buy P-90X or Insanity, just realize that it’s NOT a magic pill. Does it work? Yea, if you bust your ass 7 days a week for an hour doing their program and eating within their guidelines, it totally works. But it’s hard-ass-work!

So eat well now, because in 7 years you wont remember the piece of double chocolate cake that you just HAD to have at aunt Ruth’s birthday.



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