The Brutal Truth About Those Lower Abs Exercises You’ve Been Doing

which lower abs exercises should you be doing

How are you developing your lower abs? Which lower abs exercises are you doing consistently?

Have you ever heard the following statements?

Planks are the best exercise for a six-pack. Guess what, NOPE.

You can spot reduce your belly fat. – Guess what, NOPE.

You have to do HIGH REP sets in order to tone your lower abs. – Again, NOPE.

SO, what then? 

I’m here to bust some lower abs myths.

MYTH #1 BUSTED – Planks do not give you a six-pack. It’s GREAT for your transverse abdomimis, the girdle muscle that runs all the way around your body, but NOT for your lower abs. Do THIS instead! (See video.)

MYTH #2 BUSTED – You  do not need to do a gazillion crunches to get strong abs. It’s a great exercise to get your spine all nice and tired, BUT just like you would increase your weights to get stronger biceps 💪, the same holds true for your abs.

MYTH #3 BUSTED – Strengthening your abs in the gym is defintely worth it, but your six-pack is going to be revelaed in the ktichen. Also, you CAN’T spot reduce. Go for GLOBAL fat loss by doing these lower abs exercises in the gym (and the kitchen!).  

👇 I dig deep into each of these strategies in the video below. 👇

We’re talking Instagram Influencer booty, granpda pants, and oh yeah, antagonistic  inhibition.

You don’t want to miss it!

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