Powerful Secrets For Long Term Fitness Success

secrets for long term fitness success

Paul Riili is that guy. You know the one – the dude killing it in the gym (back when we could actually go to the gym).

He’s there just about every damn day, making everyone else look bad. He could pass for 40, but when you find out old he actually is, all you can do is shake your head and get in line. Because everyone else has the same question you do:

What is his secret?

Today is your lucky day because Paul, a longtime client and friend of mine (and one serious badass) is sharing his secrets for long term fitness success.

Secrets for Long Term Fitness Success: High Intensity Workouts

When he was younger, Paul, like many of us, was completely focused on building muscle, and trying to “get big”. Now, however, he is more interested in maintaining muscle through high intensity workouts.

Secrets for Long Term Fitness Success: Listening To Your Body

One of his secrets for long term fitness success is that he really listens to his body. Sometimes, even a badass like Paul gets burned out. He might need a day to focus on his mental health and he pays attention to that. Other days, however, his body might be telling him it’s time to kick some butt and do hill sprints.

Secrets for Long Term Fitness Success: Changing Your Mindset

But, listening to your body when it says yes to hill sprints is one thing. How about when it’s begging for cocoa puffs or a nice cold IPA? What do we do then? Paul has great advice for that, too:

“You have to set a mindset. I visualize my body. I want to be the healthiest version of me. That’s where I start. That’s my goal. The workouts (and everything I do) are towards that goal.”

On today’s podcast, Paul shares a few more secrets for long term fitness success, like:

  • What it means to listen to your body
  • How to stay focused on your goal, PLUS
  • Ideas for keeping things interesting because burnout is REAL

BONUS: Paul shares how the HELL he stays motivated to keep going day after day, week after week, year after year.

If you are ready to get motivated and get moving with greater consistency, listen to the podcast!


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