Six Nutrition Myths That Need To Die

nutrition myths that need to die

You’ve probably heard the following nutrition myths one too many times.

  1. If you eat carbs, your body won’t burn fat.
  2. Eat 6 small meals a day to boost your metabolic furnace (whatever THAT is!).
  3. Too much protein is bad for your kidneys.
  4. You can’t eat after 7pm if you want to lose weight.

There’s so much confusing information about nutritional strategies out there, it can be hard to make sense of it all. The problem with many of these popular strategies is that they’ve been debunked by REAL science.

For example, you actually DO NEED carbs—it’s one of your body’s main sources of fuel AND you can’t build lean muscle mass without them. It’s important to remember that an excess of ANY macronutrient can cause weight gain!

That’s why in this video, I want BUST the nutrition myths that are holding you back from REAL progress with your health and fitness goals.  

You’ll learn:

  • Why decreasing your caloric intake could be causing you to gain weight
  • Why all calories aren’t created equal
  • What you need to eat for optimal energy levels

In conclusion, can we make a commitment in 2020? Let these six nutrition myths DIE in 2019! If you’re ready to START making REAL progress in 2020 with your nutritional strategy, this video is for you!


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