My Exact Method To Get In Killer Shape In 4 Months!

get in killer shape in four months

Are you ready to get in killer shape for your upcoming wedding or that beach vacation? 

Whatever the reason is, it’s possible to drop a significant amount of fat, build muscle, and be in the best shape of your life with the proper runway and methods. 

On this week’s podcast, I’m sharing my personal story of how I dropped 31 pounds, lost 7% of my body fat, AND gained 2-3 pounds of muscle in preparation for a promotional photoshoot for my Million Dollar Body book. 

The even better part? It wasn’t that costly for me to do in terms of time, meal-planning, or macro-counting. Of course, I made a few nutritional and training tweaks to my current protocol, but overall it was not as hard to shed the fat as I thought it would be. The cool part is that I’ve continued to drop fat after the photoshoot because the methods I use are easily sustainable in my daily life.

This leads me to my next statement: 

If you’re not using methods to burn fat that you can easily sustain in your daily life, it’s not worth it.

That’s why the Million Dollar body method is so effective. It’s based on my glycogen priming method that works WITH your body’s natural biorhythms, circadian rhythms, and hormonal patterns to get results faster and sustain them.

In this week’s episode of the Million Dollar Body podcast, I talk about the exact method I used to get in killer shape in 4 months before my photoshoot. 

I go over:

  • Glycogen priming – what it is and how it works with your body to activate quick and lasting results. (Psst: Most people are seeing a 10-12 pound weight drop in about a month.)
  • Getting very specific with your carb intake. Carbs are not evil, but there is an optimal time to eat them (and you need to!)
  • My specific training protocol tweaks, which supplements I started taking, and my carb and water retention techniques
  • Plus, one thing I wish I would’ve done differently

If you’re ready for a training protocol that gets you REAL results AND one that’s sustainable with your lifestyle, watch this week’s podcast


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