How Matt Lost 80 Pounds Working 60 Hours Per Week

new mob coach Matt Watkins

This week’s podcast is one of those feel-good stories that you don’t want to miss.

The first piece of feel-good news? Matt lost 80 pounds while he was working 60 hours per week. Second piece of feel-good news? I just hired him to be a Million Dollar Body coach.

So, not only are you going to see a lot more of Matt Watkins now, you get to hear about his eighty-pound weight loss success story. The reason I love his story is because I first met Matt at a gym that we both used to work at and his feedback shaped me as an early personal trainer.

Funny (or not-so-funny) story: I used to kick the sh*t out of people when I was a personal trainer. One day, I made this lady sit on a 25-pound plate on top of a towel and told her to slide across the floor on it repeatedly right in front of everyone on the treadmills.

Matt pulled me aside and was like: “Dude, she doesn’t want to train with you anymore.”

And, I was like: “Why not?”

Matt: “Well, she’s humiliated, her wrist hurts, and now she has lower back pain.”

Me: “Ohhhh.”

See? Matt is total money. From that day forward, I literally stopped being such a jacka** to my clients.

Matt’s Story

Matt’s had a love for fitness his whole life, which he attributes to his dad who started him in martial arts at an early age.

But then somewhere along the way during a stressful job (door-to-door sales), Matt put on 80 pounds. He self-admittedly didn’t like himself, how he looked, or his personality. The inner critic went into overdrive until one day, Matt finally had enough. He knew something needed to change.

In today’s podcast, Matt and I talk about what brought him to his breaking point and what changes he made that led to his 80-pound weight loss!

We talked about:

  • How he battled with the critical voices inside of his head and started making decisions based on the following question instead: What am I doing right now that my future self can be thankful for?
  • Why the tough mental work was a necessary first step for his weight loss success
  • The one thing he holds on to for financial and fitness success

And since we’ve both been door-to-door salesmen, we also talked about the day I got arrested for selling books (true story!), and how Matt got kicked out of someone’s house who was buying a home security system from him when the cops busted through the door because of a suspicious man in the neighborhood. (Ironic?) Needless to say, he lost the sale.

So, if you wanna hear our funny door-to-door sales stories and learn from someone who’s truly struggled with fitness and gotten to the other side, listen to Matt’s story on today’s podcast.


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