Meal Prep is Easier Than They Say


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  1. Meal Prep is Easier Than We’ve Been Lead to Believe

    Any time I see a meal plan from a trainer, I shudder. It looks like so much work.

    Most people don’t need to cook for an hour every night (is that even sustainable?)
    Instead the trick is to batch prep two large portions of protein, then turn each of them into 2-3 meals.

    This week I BBQ’d chicken thighs on Monday (like 20 of them), then Tuesday we chopped them and make Greek Bowls (quinoa, cucumber, tomato, olives, feta cheese), then Wednesday we took the rest and made Chicken Tiki Masala (white rice, masala sauce, frozen peas).

    The second and third night took about 12 minutes to prep, which is perfect when we’re busy.

    Do you already do this? What’s your favorite way to batch prep? (respond back to be entered to win 3 Keto Bricks)

  2. High Cholesterol is a Symptom, Not an Illness. (caveat, I’m still not a Dr.)

    Ever been told you have high cholesterol?

    What they probably didn’t tell you is that LDL cholesterol is basically the taxi for taking glycogen from your liver bringing it to fat storage.

    The problem comes from having a lot of inflammation and sugar in your blood. That turns the LDL into a city bus, making stops all over the body to deposit plaque and buildup on veins and arteries.

    Reduce the bad type of cholesterol (NOT by eating less egg yolks) but by eating more fiber and cutting back on sugar.

    Reducing sugar means your blood is less sticky, while the fiber is like a street sweeper, cleaning up some of that LDL before passing through you.

  3. Overhead Presses are Overrated
    I used to think that overhead or military presses were important for growing big strong shoulders for the same reason I thought that I was less of a man if I didn’t deadlift off the floor.

    Now I realize that:

    – Most people don’t have enough mobility to start pressing overhead
    – There are better exercises to directly target the shoulders.

    I’ve been using a lot of Y-Raises (cable and dumbbell) as well as cable side raises with a 2 second hold at the top and I’ve seen some of my best shoulder growth, as well as being really healthy and staying out of pain. Sets of 10-15 seem to work really well here.

    I’m trying not to overload you with links, but let me know if you’d like to see either or those exercises.  

2 Resources:

  1. Melissa Vogel (of “The Bomb Mom Podcast) and I go HARD on fitness nonsense, how to stay fit even with lots of demands on your time, the best breakfasts, and we find out what Melissa’s superpower would be!

    This was such a fun episode, we did a part II on her show (coming out on May 26th) so def check that out as well.

  2. What’s the secret to making meal prep stick? Check out this 57-second video where I share the secret that’s enabled me to stay consistent for 4 years.

1 Question:

Are you happy right now with the way you look and feel?

​Yesterday I was talking to a family friend. We were catching up as it had been a few months since we talked.

The conversation turned towards nutrition and exercise. As the topic came up…I asked her this very question.

She paused for a brief moment, looked down as if slightly ashamed, and said “No I’m not”

She knew that her health was not optimal. But each week she would tell herself another lie or excuse which only led to more frustration and embarrassment.

And I’ve seen this a lot lately. It seems like health and wellness continues to take a back seat for a lot of folks.

It could be due to stress. lack of planning. Not knowing where to start. Feeling of embarrassment and not wanting to be vulnerable.

Listen. Every day you put off taking action, it becomes that much harder to get started. It’s time to stop lying to yourself. It’s time to stop making excuses. It’s time to stop putting your health and mental state on the backburner.

I say this with 100% love. Because if I didn’t have this conversation with my friend yesterday, I’m scared to think how much worse off she’d be the next time we met.



p.s. it’s week 4 of keto in the Palmer household.

My wife and I were discussing how much differently she would have done it had she been the one to initiate going keto. 

And while I’m happy with how everything turned out, and I feel good – I probably could have done a better job including veggies, making keto meals, or eating things besides 1lb of meat at every meal. 

In other news, I feel like I can eat an unlimited amount of meat at the moment. 


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