Killer Strategies For Fighting Anxiety I Covid-19 Edition

killer strategies for fighting anxiety during covid

Brain mess. It’s a thing. Let me explain.

On paper, everything seems great. Your job is secure, you’re healthy, and everyone you love is fine. But in spite of all that, you’re still anxious.

I think if we’re honest, we all feel it right now.

And if you’re anything like me, we tell ourselves we don’t deserve to vocalize our mental struggle when so many people have gotten sick, have lost jobs or loved ones.

That struggle is the source of a lot of brain mess for me. How about you?

Colter Bloxom, a Licensed Professional Counselor at Thrive Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona joins the podcast today to talk about the big brain mess (AKA anxiety) we’re all feeling right now.

 “Anxiety is having a heyday right now” Colter says. “Anxiety is thriving in the world, and we need to be extra careful to live a life where anxiety doesn’t thrive.”

 Sounds good, right? But how do we do that?

Healthy Strategies for Fighting Anxiety

In today’s podcast, Colter suggests finding a restful morning rhythm. For example, try not to look at your phone for an hour. Can you make it two hours? Journal, meditate, go for a walk, read, pray. Pick two or three of these strategies for fighting anxiety and practice them.  

He also recommends getting comfortable with boredom. Instead of filling your spare time with swiping and clicking, be OK with ignoring some of those notifications on your phone.

Unhealthy Strategies for Fighting Anxiety

The above strategies are a little harder for some of us. (I’m looking at you, entrepreneur types.)

Some of us are all or nothing, right? We work out 17 days a week, or not at all. Our mental soundtrack is like listening to Metallica, and our strategies for fighting anxiety can become sources of anxiety if we don’t do it perfectly.

 Colter says we need to develop awareness for those tendencies. Ask yourself why you want to make changes. Do you want to look good at the pool? Do you want to have energy to play with your kids? Write your goals down and really evaluate them.

If you’re ready to learn how to fight all this brain mess with Colter Bloxom’s killer coping strategies, this podcast is for you.


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