How To Train Abs at Home

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Quick, what’s the most important muscle group? God bless you if you said biceps. What’s the most important muscle group at the beach or a summer pool party though? Obviously it’s all about the abs. If you said something else, you probably have never been to the beach.

Abs are the most fickle body part though. You get up in the morning, check the mirror, and think “hell yea, I’m looking lean today”. But after a breakfast of 6 ice cubes and a sniff of your roommates pancakes, boom, the bloat kicks in and the abs disappear.

Run this program 2-4 times per week to keep your core strong, your abs defined, and your pets confused as to why you spend so much time on the ground.

hollow body for abs
This photo courtesy of Crossfit FSI, the most awesome fitnessing place on earth.

A1. Hollow Body x Max Time
A2. Leg lift with hip press
3 Rounds

The goal is to do a full 60 seconds of hollow body. So set the timer, and for every second you’re missing out of the minute, you have to do 1 rep of leg lift with hip press.


B1. Extended plank x Max Time
B2. V-Ups
B3. Toe touch crunch
3 Rounds

Extended plank should have your hands in front of your shoulders by at least 6 inches. Same rules apply here. For every second you don’t finish of the minute, you owe v-up and one toe touch crunch ( laying on back, legs straight up to the ceiling).

body saw for strong core

C1.Shoulder Grab Iso Crunch x 60 sec
1 Round.

Lift arms straight up, keeping elbows high, try to touch your mid back. Hold that position and do a crunch. Hold the top of the crunch for 60 seconds.


Repeat this circuit up to 4x per week, trying to increase your time on the hollow body and the extended plank each time.

Stay tuned for the advanced version of this program coming your way.









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