The Cure For Stubborn Love Handles and Lower Ab Fat

how to get rid of love handles

Have you dialed in your nutrition and amped up your workouts consistently, but you still can’t lose those last few pounds? And, let me guess—those last few pounds are probably hanging out in your love handles, am I right?

The real problem with getting rid of love handles is that what worked to get your initial weight off might not take you to the next level with your lower ab fat. This kind of fat is what I affectionately like to call “sticky fat.”

How To Get Rid of Love Handles: Start Working With Your Body Instead of Against It

When you have fat that sticks around for the long haul around your stomach, that’s a pretty good indicator that your insulin resistant. (Read more about insulin resistance here.)

If you’re insulin resistant, your body basically directs your food to be stored as fat instead of using it to build muscle. That’s bad news for your love handles. The good news, however, is that you can train your body to become insulin sensitive through specific tweaks to your nutrition.

How To Get Rid of Love Handles: Training and Nutrition Tweaks

The biggest tweak you need to make to your diet? Consume proteins and fats BEFORE carbs. Does that mean carbs are inherently evil? No. Your body needs them as an important energy source, but I recommend eating them at the end of the day for better focus throughout the day, better sleep, and increased fat loss.

(Find out more about what I recommend to my clients to eat before noon for sustained energy and fat loss.

Secondly, target your training. Pick out a protocol that will increase your insulin sensitivity, lower your blood sugar, and partition your nutrients into your muscles. And this doesn’t mean MORE cardio.

A good weight training routine where you consistently add more weight, improve your form, and increase your time under tension will have a much bigger impact on the disappearance of your love handles than another hop on the Peloton.

Today’s podcast is jam-packed with nutrition and training tips to help you get rid of love handles for good. Curious about the role fish oil plays in this process? How about psyllium husks? Listen to the podcast to find out. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to align your training and nutrition with your specific fat loss goals
  • The importance of carbs in your diet and the most optimal time to eat them
  • Training techniques that will target your sticky fat and take your fitness goals to the next level 

Ready to learn how to get rid of love handles and lower ab fat for good? It’s all right here.


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