How To Develop Good Leadership Skills With Ben McLellan


Today is very exciting. You’re going to get to hear from Ben McLellan of The Empowered CEO. He’s here to chat with us about leadership, the two paths he says we can take to get there, and how anyone can develop good leadership skills through humility.

His philosophy is simple. Under the umbrella of leadership there is self-leadership, which includes things like meditation, eating well, exercise, self-reflection.

The other side of leadership includes the leadership of others. He argues that:

You can’t develop good leadership skills to lead others if you aren’t leading yourself well.

Makes sense right? I mean, is there anything more heinous than someone trying to tell you what to do when he can’t even take his own advice? I don’t know about you, but when I feel that way about someone, there is ZERO percent chance I’m going to take any advice from him.

Ben shares that when he has led teams, he takes his philosophy a step further. When leading others, he doesn’t think in terms of being above others. He looks at members of his team and thinks, how can I help you?

It’s obvious that humility is one of Ben’s core values, but what does it mean to lead with humility?

Pouring into others, speeding them along their paths, sharing your experiences and failures – these are some of Ben’s examples of humility in leadership.

These practices will help you develop good leadership skills.

But they don’t just benefit your employees or your team; it’s also very rewarding.

In today’s podcast, Ben shares several other aspects of humble leadership including

  • how to respond when shit happens
  • owning your own shit
  • not blaming others for your shit

If you want to hear more from Ben McLellan about how you can develop good leadership skills, listen to the podcast!


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