The 10 Minute Workout for Superior Fat Loss


Listen up. This is important. If you don’t think so, you’re wrong, and you can have your money back.

I get it.
Sometimes you don’t have time to get home from work, strip off the business slacks, the argyle sweater, the mittens, stockings, bloomers, blouses, and stocking caps, and put on your luluemon yoga pants, your sweat wicking micro fiber plasma top, lace up your chuck taylors, grab your protein shake, sit in traffic for a minimum of 15 minutes.  (the absolute least amount of time it takes to get ANYWHERE in phoenix.) and hit the gym for a 10 minute warmup on the bike, and 6 sets of waiting for horrible people to get off their blue-tooth so you can use the ab rocker.

Sometimes you want to go workout, you want the endorphin rush, you want the feeling of having sweat, having done something active, but you cant drag yourself off the couch where you collapsed after work to the 7th circle of hell that is LA Fitness at 5pm. Plus you have a dinner to go to, and there’s just no way you could make it in time.

What’s the solution? Normally I don’t advocate this, but during this situation, it would be way better to engage in an at home workout, rather than trash it all together. Especially when you have a dinner that nigh where you’ll most likely be going out the Melting Pot, and eating your body weight in assorted lunchables dipped in chocolate. I’ve never understood fondue places, You go the the restaurant, pay one thousand dollars to eat something that one of the sous chefs brought in from home, OH BUT YOU CAN  DIP IT IN CHEESE FLAVORED LAVA! HOORAY!
*Editors Note:This sentiment might be due to a unfortunate fondue experience, and may not in any way be related to the actual restaurant in question*

But you’re now faced with the possibility of absorbing roughly 1800 calories in cheese and chocolate, and boy howdy, you sure would like to be able to say you deserve a cheat meal, but more than likely don’t, becuase you skipped your last two workouts also.

Answer: Before you get home from work today, stop by sports authority/target/anywhere and buy a 25lb dumbbell or kettlebell. Just one is fine. Having obtained this weight, throw your close toes shoes on (for safety), leave your pants off (for mobility) and start your workout. Only 3 moves. Only 10 minutes. Don’t stop.

Move #1 Kettlebell swing.
Here are the rules to this move. Squeeze your butt. Tighten your abs. Squeeze your butt. Tighten your abs. Squeeze your butt. Tighten your abs. Squeeze your butt. Tighten your abs. Squeeze your butt. Tighten your abs.

Move #2 Thrusters.
Rules: Tighten your abs. Use your Legs. Use both hands. (the picture is a lie)

Move #3 Squat.
Rules: Tighten your abs. Push your butt back. No picture, because it’s just the first two frames of the push press picture. Hold it at chest level, squat, stand, repeat.

Here’s your workout.

Swing 30 sec
Thrusters 30 sec
Squat 30 sec
Rest 30 sec
Repeat 5x.

Oh, you’re tough? Repeat 10x.
Strive to knock out 1 more set every time you attempt this workout. This is great for someone who is just getting into workout out, or the 22 year old ex-athlete who can bench more than you. No matter what, this will give you a great workout.

This should leave your burning in your legs and core, and out of breath. Like majorly out of breath. Like the sensation you get when you realize you forgot to lock your computer before you left for the weekend while you were browsing the Twilight message boards under the screen name EdwardsJuggaloGoddess. yikes.

When you’re done, stretch those glutes out for a minute on each side. Then stretch out the low back by pulling your knees into your chest, and rocking back and forth on those muscles that are right ext to your spine.

If you’re someone who has read more than one of my articles, you would realize that by doing this workout within an hour of going out to eat will actually give you the greatest ability to maximize the gain of lean muscle instead of fat while gorging yourself at dinner. (1 easy secret for gaining muscle)

Good luck. Post questions or results to comments.



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