Test Dummies


So, I think I’m going to be putting together a book in the next few months, so that way you can carry around my words of wisdom in your pocket, and re-gift them 3 months later to your mother in law for her birthday. I’m trying to get my publisher to agree to a starting price of 1,000.00 per book, but he seems to think it’s more reasonable to start at 7.99. Whatever, like he knows anything.

So I had a small request of you, if you feel the desire, to try out my test workout, which can be done at multiple stages during the book to test your overall fitness level, and how you’ve been progressing.  Give this a shot, and post your times to the comments if you wouldn’t mind.

Just a word of advice, If you’ve never done anything like this before, don’t try to kill yourself by doing it in 5 minutes. Take your time, and if this takes you the better part of an hour, that’s totally ok. Take the amount of rest you want to, have a pina colada in between exercises, I don’t care. Let me know if you man up and get it done though. If you don’t have a pullup bar and can only do the other exercises, no prolem, leave them out. This is just a test.

50 total walking lunges
35 pushups
20 jumping pullups
20 burpees
30 total hands-to-elbows (plank position to pushup position. 15 each side)
10 narrow stance jumps
10 wide stance jumps
30 bodyweight squats hands overhead.

Ratings are below, and include equivalent characters from the Harry Potter movie series.

60+ min: Neville Longbottom in the first movie
45-60 min: Hagrid
35-45 min: The guys that Malfoy is always hanging out with
25-35 min: Dobby the elf
15-25 min: Picachu
10-15 min: Ron Weasly (as played by Wesley Snipes)
5-10 min: Dragons.



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