No One’s Ever Said They Wanted Hot Tamales I 6 Foods You Should Stop Eating Now

foods you should stop eating now

I hear it all the time: “Coach Nate, don’t take my HOT TAMALES from me. They’re so good.”

No, no I don’t. Because no one has ever said that in the history of the world, and there’s good reason for that. (Hot Tamales are gross.)

What I do hear all the time is: “I used to be able to drink beer and eat pizza and not gain weight.”

How old were you then? 16? Okay, so maybe you were actually around 25, but even if you didn’t gain weight, I bet you didn’t feel all that great after ingesting a six-pack and a whole pepperoni pizza with extra cheese.

As a high performer, you need to make food choices that help you grow leaner, get stronger and have more energy. It’s the key to your success in so many areas of life—your job, your relationships, your parenting, I could go on and on.

What if maintaining high energy levels and the physical body you want is as simple as avoiding six foods?

I talk about the six foods that you should stop eating now in this week’s Million Dollar Body podcast.

The average adult in the US will eat eight servings of these foods PER WEEK. If you had one serving a week of these foods, you’d be fine, but I find that it’s easier to have some pretty severe boundaries around these foods to stay committed to my health, fitness, and energy levels.

In the podcast below, I’m breaking down:

  • The actual six foods you should stop eating now
  • The dramatic negative effect these foods have on your organs, not to mention your belly
  • How to change your mindset from “What can I get away with?” to “Will this help me get more energy?”
  • How to access my Million Dollar Body Meal Plan. (I’ve done all the hard work for you.)

A simple change to your personal standards over the course of 10 years could be the
difference between wearing the pants you wore at your wedding or using them to wash the car! If you’re ready to stop putting junk in your body and start feeling fit and energized, this video is for you. 


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