How to Gain Weight Fast and What that Means for Fat Loss

gain weight fast cardio

Here’s an unconventional way to gain weight fast, that goes beyond those other obvious tips that you see everywhere. (“eat more food n00b!”).

While that’s good advice, sometimes it’s hard to have a big appetite overnight to really eat big.

One thing that has worked for my clients who are looking to gain some size, but have had a hard time eating the right amount of calories is to add in cardio every workout.


What? Blasphemy!

Now before you go hop on the assault bike, or add a few hill sprints to your work load, keep in mind that according to this study, vigorous exercise actually accomplishes the opposite.

Grehlin is the hormone that regulates appetite, and after a bout of hard activity, grehlin is suppressed for a few hours.

Instead do Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) Cardio for 10-15 minutes after your workout to actually stimulate the appetite.

According to a different study, swimmers appetite’s increased throughout the day after a workout.

gain weight fast cardio

To Gain Weight Fast

Strength Train Hard, but avoid taxing your cardio system (Stay between 5-6 on a scale of 1-10). If you’re going to do supersets, avoid doing back-to-back compound moves – i.e. don’t superset a front squat with a chin up. Instead, superset a compound and an isolation move or compound and corrective move.

Example 1.
Front Squat x 8Band Triceps Pressdown x 20

Example 2.
Front Squat x 8
Ankle Mobilization x 10 ea

After the strength training, do 10-15 minutes of low impact cardio, again staying around 4-6 in your Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE Scale).

To Lose Weight | To Avoid Gaining Weight

Do the opposite! During the strength training portion of your workout, make sure to use supersets and circuits in order to be continually moving, keeping your heart rate elevated and your RPE between 6-8.

After strength training do 10-15 minutes of cardio. Use intervals to keep the heart rate elevated to ensure you’re working hard the entire time. I like 15-20 seconds of all out work with 40-45 seconds of low intensity “rest” pace.

This style of training will build muscle, reduce fat, and reduce your appetite throughout the day.


Don’t like this tip? Wish there was an easier way to suppress your appetite?

Best Appetite Suppressants – honorable mention

  1. Stimulants – Most stimulants come with a drop in appetite. And while I’m mostly talking about caffeine, the drug that 90% of North America ingests daily, stimulants come in all shapes and sizes. Have you ever noticed how skinny those people on “Faces of Meth” are?
  2. Cigarettes – nicotine is an appetite suppressant, but as a bonus, the fact that you smell like a dirty hobo after smoking will keep people from inviting you to lunch. Success!
  3. Tongue Patch – Soooo, technically your appetite is the same, but you just don’t want to eat because a doctor has sown a painful patch onto your tongue. It’s good, because it’s sustainable and healthy.
Get skinny and hairy the easy way.


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