Core-dio Conditioning. Sculpt Your Abs and Burn Fat with these 4 Combos!

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In training as with everything else in life, efficiency is one of the most important aspects to consider. If you’re already making core work a priority because you want sweet abz for the summer, want to squat more weight, or just want to stay strong and healthy, It can be very beneficial to combine that with cardiovascular work for a few reasons.

Reason 1: Less time in the gym doing cardio is more time you could be doing something more important; spending time with friends and family, playing, reading, or obliterating rival gang members in Grand Theft Auto V.

Reason 2: Abdominal control becomes more important when you’re breathing hard or can’t catch your breath. This is the time when you can become more prone to injuries either on the field or in the gym, so being able to train this in a controlled manor is very beneficial to staying healthy long term.

Reason 3: Adding two complimentary styles of training together in this fashion is going to burn more calories overall and take advantage of the EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) principle. This is extremely presumptuous way of saying that you’ll be burning more calories for the next 48 hours due to the strength training aspect and the muscle breakdown that has taken place.

In my newest article up on, I outline 4 different combinations that you can use to accomplish this goal. Each of these can be done as a stand alone workout, or used as a 10 minute workout finisher at the end of a upper or lower body workout day.

Most of these workouts combine the carry variations that I had talked about HERE and HERE, but they are put together in a way that is designed to give you the best workout while keeping you safe and effective the entire time.

Teh benefit here is that even though the main focus is core stability and HAWT ABZ, you get the benefit of working, the arms, the upper back, and the glutes as well. These muscles will go a long way toward making you an extremely sexual athletic machine.

So check out the 4 Conditioning Combinations that will get you in game shape fast! Videos at the top of the page.

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