6 Ways To Unlock Your Body’s Secret Mechanism for More Energy

unlocking your secret mechanism for energy

Mindset. The word is everywhere, especially in the business world. We hear it all the time in examples like:

Grow your business by 10X by changing your mindset.

The one mindset shift you need to make before your next sales call.

Your mindset is the biggest determining factor of your _______________.

But. the problem with something becoming a buzzword is that it starts to lose its meaning when you can just slap it on anything to get people’s attention. Mindset is actually a powerful concept when it comes to fitness and nutrition, especially because of the way fitness is marketed to the masses. 

The core message of modern fitness is always about becoming less. 

Eat less.

No carbs.

Be skinny.

Drop fat. 

Get lean. 

But what if we changed our mindset when it comes to fitness and nutrition? What if the choices we make lead to MORE, not less?

More energy.

More confidence.

More carbs.

More muscle.

Better metabolism. 

This mindset shift is why I’m always talking about eating for energy instead of for weight loss. 

When you prioritize how you feel through your training or food choices, your extra weight is naturally going to drop off. So, instead of being led by what you want to eat ( Cinnabon, french fries, etc.), let yourself be led by a different desire—how do you want to feel after you eat?

In this week’s episode of the Million Dollar Body podcast, I’m talking about 6 different ways you can unlock your body’s secret mechanism for more energy through fat incineration. 

Okay, I know that’s a mouthful. But it just means what I said above. When you prioritize your energy levels as part of your daily routine, fat is going to get a serious kick in the a$$ because you’re ultimately training your body to access your fat stores faster for energy.

(Listen to the podcast to find out how!)


  • Carbs are your body’s prefered source for energy, but you don’t have to go full keto to switch from burning carbs to burning fat.
  • How training consistently builds your metabolism and allows you to eat more (not less!)
  • How to train your body to access your fat stores for energy instead of that banana you ate this morning

If you’re ready to do MORE for your body and your brain with the food you eat and the way you train, instead of less, this podcast is for you.


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