4 Energy-Boosting Breakfast Tips Every High Performer Should Know To Maximize Your Focus

maintain your energy and focus all day with an energy-boosting breakfast

Donuts, sugary cereals, and bagels on your breakfast menu? Cut the crap! High performers need high-octane foods, and these carb-heavy food choices in the AM will SLOW YOU DOWN for the rest of the day.

Americans have loved carbs for breakfast ever since Saturday morning cartoon commercials convinced small children that Frosted Flakes were an important part of a complete breakfast. (Face palm.)

Listen, carbs aren’t inherently evil but when you start your day with an absolute gut bomb of refined sugars and colors that aren’t found anywhere in nature, it’s a sure way to start your day on the wrong foot. You’ll be recovering and trying to make up for the energy crash all day.

Breakfast is the most important time to get the right nutrients—vitamins, minerals, and macros—in your system to maximize your energy and mental clarity for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to fuel up correctly in the morning, but in order to maximize the way your body looks and the way your mind performs, you need to eat a high-octane breakfast.

So, how do you do that? How do you build an energy-boosting breakfast?

I’m so glad you asked. On today’s podcast, I’m breaking down the components of a high-performance breakfast and simple tips you can implement every day to a better breakfast on your plate every morning.

This episode has what you need to know about starting your day on the right side of the kitchen. You’ll learn how to:

  • Focus on high-quality proteins and fats
  • Limit your carbs in the morning for energy
  • Eat less to do more all-day
  • Keep breakfast boring and keep it simple

Ready to look and FEEL your best on a daily basis? Watch this video and start building an energy-boosting breakfast to maximize your performance.


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