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Lose belly fat, reduce Cortisol and Stress, Eat simple foods, and best of all… start losing weight this week (typically 3-7 pounds) with the Million Dollar Meal Plan. Your food prep instructions, meal plan, and morning and evening routine are all included!

  • The Million Dollar Meal Plan: The foods that will melt belly fat without spending your whole day in the kitchen ($247.00 value)
  •  More Energy: The Morning Rituals that will give you more energy and focus for your day (47.00 value)
  •  Sleep Better: The tweaks you need to make 30 minutes before bed to get more rest and burn more fat ($47.00 value)
  •  Eating Out: My guide to eating fast food, so you’re never “out of options” ($97.00 value)
  • Coffee: How to get the most out of your cup of Joe without spending $6.00 on Starbucks


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