What Doesn’t Kill You Will Eventually Kill You.


Do you like eating chicken nuggets when you go out for some fast food? Do you buy breaded chicken products at the grocery store? Well, congratulations, you’re helping to the keep the economy afloat.  Seriously, put that on your resume, see if anyone asks about it.

In addition to being a patron of large and small business (God bless you.), you’re also consuming MSP. Mechanically seperated poultry. According to some sources, MSP is manufactured by grinding up the remainder of the chicken, flavoring it, and breading it. Jamie Oliver shows a simpliefied version of it below. (4 min long or so, skip through it if you’re at work and can’t get caught watching youtube videos)

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “meat gloop”. And unless you’re a member of a Canadian based internet video sensation pseudo chef group, it’s really not necessary to be associated with or consume meat gloop at all.

Happy Eating!


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