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Bod in a Box – Your comprehensive and SIMPLE approach to at home training.

Make things as simple as possible, and no simpler.
-Albert Einstein

We’ve made it as easy as possible to train hard at home without needing to learn Greek, or get an advanced degree. With the most functional equipment, progressive training program, and extensive video exercise library, the Bod in a Box is a must have if you train at home or while you’re traveling.

If purchased separately, the individual pieces would be:

Core Sliders 29.95
1” Resistance Band 39.95
½” Resistance Band 18.95
F3 Suspension Trainer 189.95
1 Mo. Basic Program 139.95
1 Mo. Core Program 139.95
1 Mo. Power Program 139.95
Video Exercise Library 199.95

But you can have ALL of this for only 249.00 Order now for FREE 3 Day Shipping


Bod in a Box is the comprehensive and ideal approach to at home or on the road training.

You can get a full body workout in 35 minutes or less with the equipment contained in Bod in a Box, and the combined total weight is less than 3lbs.

The entire kit includes:

  • P3 Industrial Suspension Straps – Black
  • 1″ Band – Purple (max tension 120lbs)
  • 0.5″ Band – Red (max tension 60lbs)
  • Oval Core Power Sliders – Black

We’ve used this equipment successfully around the globe with hundreds of clients who have been able to get in great shape, train hard, without having to hit the gym.

Each Bod in a Box weighs less than 3lbs, and can fit in your Carry-On luggage, without crowding out your clothes, shoes, or that backup hairdryer you brought.

If “Getting to the gym” is the hardest part for you about getting and staying in the shape you want to be in, look no further than the ideal set up for at home or travel training.

Once you have your Bod in a Box, you won’t need any other equipment – ever.

Meet the Equipment

1 Pair Core Power Sliders – A lightweight approach to ground based core training and leg exercises. controlled range of motion that activates the muscles. The Core Sliders are extremely versatile, working multiple muscles while engaging core stabilization.

With an infinite supply of powerful exercises, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for YOUR body and YOUR level of fitness.

(two oval tempered plastic sliders with thick foam on the other side. Can slide on wood/tile or carpet. Retail 29.95)

1” Resistance Band – 40 inches around and 1 inch wide, this band can be used to create up to 120lbs of force. This band is perfect for adding resistance to squats, deadlifts, presses, plyometrics, OR helping you get your first pullup.

(One 1”wide resistance band. 40” in diameter, 0.45cm thick. Retail 39.95)

½” Resistance Band – 40 inches around and ½ inch wide, this band can create up to 60lbs of force. Combine it with the 1” band to do any exercise that you can do on a cable machine at the gym. With both bands combining for a potential total of 180lbs, there’s no need to use weight machines again. This band is perfect for curls, presses, monster walks, rows, and core work. Thousands of exercises at your fingertips with the two perfectly sized bands.

(One ½”wide resistance band. 40” in diameter, 0.45cm thick. Retail 18.95)

P3 Suspension Trainer – Suspension Trainers have been proven to be the most versatile piece of equipment available. Start off slow with the basic programming, or jump into a full-scale body assault with the more advanced workouts, either way, the P3 Suspension Trainer will challenge you at your level.

Suspension Training is extremely effective due to the abdominal and total core recruitment necessary on every exercise. That’s why a suspension trainer bicep curl hits more muscle groups, builds control and posture, and burns more calories than a regular dumbbell bicep curl.

The Suspension Trainer has two high quality handles on adjustable nylon webbing that will support up to 500kg (over 1000lbs). The buckles and stitching are high quality and built to last. This is the only Suspension Trainer you’ll ever need to buy.

(One P3 Suspension Trainer. 3-10 feet long with 2 adjustable handles. Black nylon webbing rated for 500kg. 1.45 inches thick. Retail 189.95)


Train Everywhere

From penthouses to dirty laundry rooms, you can use your Bod in a Box anywhere.





Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 in


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