Bod in a Box

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Bod in a Box is the comprehensive and minimal approach to at home or on the road training.

You can get a full body workout in 35 minutes or less with the equipment contained in Bod in a Box, and the combined total weight is less than 3lbs.

The real beauty of Bod in a Box is in the simplicity and ease of use. Even a total beginner can get a GREAT workout in a half hour using the tools and training plan that come included with the package.

After talking with thousands of people about the biggest hindrance to getting in shape, the most common complaint is that people just “don’t have enough time”. A close second was that they “don’t know what to do”.

To solve those problems, we had to come up with a home based, minimal, effective, and simple system that would allow you to get a workout from the comfort of your house, and not take the 90 minutes needed to drive to the gym, warm up, train, cool down, shower, and drive home.

We needed a system that was guaranteed to get results, stay interesting and fun, and not take a master’s degree in Physiology to learn the exercises.

The Bod in a Box is a perfect combination. With enough variation to give the most advanced athletes the hardest and most effective bodyweight training session of their lives in just 35 minutes, but also help a beginner master the basics of movement and fat burning – all this in under 3 total lbs.

at home workout

What’s Included:

1 Pair Core Sliders – A lightweight approach to ground based core training and leg exercises. controlled range of motion that activates the muscles. The Core Sliders are extremely versatile, working multiple muscles while engaging core stabilization.

With an infinite supply of powerful exercises, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for YOUR body and YOUR level of fitness.

(two triangular tempered plastic sliders with thick foam on the other side. Can slide on wood/tile or carpet. Retail 29.95)


1” Resistance Band – 40 inches around and 1 inch wide, this band can be used to create up to 120lbs of force. This band is perfect for adding resistance to squats, deadlifts, presses, plyometrics, OR helping you get your first pullup.

(One 1”wide resistance band. 40” in diameter, 0.45cm thick. Retail 36.95)

½” Resistance Band – 40 inches around and ½ inch wide, this band can create up to 60lbs of force. Combine it with the 1” b
and to do any exercise that you can do on a cable machine at the gym. With both bands combining for a potential total of 180lbs, there’s no need to use weight machines again. This band is perfect for curls, presses, monster walks, rows, and core work. Thousands of exercises at your fingertips with the two perfectly sized bands.

(One ½”wide resistance band. 40” in diameter, 0.45cm thick. Retail 18.95)

F3 Suspension Trainer – Suspension Trainers have been proven to be the most versatile piece of equipment available. Start off slow with the basic programming, or jump into a full-scale body assault with the more advanced workouts, either way, the F3 Suspension Trainer will challenge you at your level.

Suspension Training is extremely effective due to the abdominal and total core recruitment necessary on every exercise. That’s why a suspension trainer bicep curl hits more muscle groups, builds control and posture, and burns more calories than a regular dumbbell bicep curl.

The Suspension Trainer has two high quality handles on adjustable nylon webbing that will support up to 250kg (550lbs). The buckles and stitching are high quality and built to last. This is the only Suspension Trainer you’ll ever need to buy.

(One F3 Suspension Trainer. 3-10 feet long with 2 adjustable handles. Yellow and black nylon webbing rated for 250kg. 1.45 inches thick. Retail 189.95)

3 Month Progressive Training Program

Month 1: Basic Training – this month is based on learning the basics of movement and quality form. Perfect for a beginner or an intermediate trainee who has not used a suspension trainer program in the past.

Month 2: Intermediate Training: Core and Fat Loss – This workout increases the intensity over the previous month by adding in more advanced exercises, longer sets, and a focus on core training.

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Month 3: Advanced Training: Power and Extreme Conditioning – This month will be devoted to those who have already prepared their bodies by completing the previous two phases.

(3 Month Training Program. 4 workouts per week that progressively increase over the month to ensure progress. Retail 297.95)

Extensive Video Library – We’ve put together a video library of every exercise you would be required to do to make sure that you stay successful and stay on track through the workout.

One of the main complaints from previous clients about workouts has been that it’s not easy to figure out what the exercises were. After searching for the exercise and finding a ton of videos, it’s hard to figure out what the exact right form is, and what we’re expecting of you.

Our team went the extra mile to ensure that not only is this program effective, it’s also EASY. Simply click the exercise on your computer or phone and it will bring up a video that explains exactly what we want the exercise to accomplish and how to do it.

Already know how to do most of them? No problem. We won’t make you scroll through dozens of videos or try to skip through a long video to that part in the workout. Your time is valuable and we want to respect that.

Albert Einstein said, “Make things as simple as possible, and no simpler”. We’ve endeavored to extend that philosophy to Bod in a Box to guarantee your success.

(Lifetime Access to videos corresponding to every exercise for a full 3-Months of training. Clickable links within the workout. Retail 199.95)

If we add up all the individual prices of each component, the resulting cost is still lower than you would think for 3 months of a results-driven training package INCLUDING all the exercise equipment you need for at home and travel training.

Core Sliders 29.95
1” Resistance Band 39.95
½” Resistance Band 18.95
F3 Suspension Trainer 189.95
1 Mo. Basic Program 139.95
1 Mo. Core Program 139.95
1 Mo. Power Program 139.95
Video Exercise Library 199.95
Total: $898.60
This complete package separately would cost almost $900.00

But that’s still only 300.00 per month, which is a much cheaper option than going to a gym and hiring a personal trainer.

1 Month Gym Membership 60.00
Personal Trainer @ 4x per week 800.00 (50.00 per session)
1 Month Total: 860.00
3 Month Total: 2,580.00

All this, and you still wouldn’t have anything tangible you can keep, or use to train on your own. Additionally, let’s not forget the time option associated with going to the gym 4 days per week.

Let’s give a conservative estimate of 75 minutes to drive there, warm up, work out, stretch, and drive home.

75min @ 4x per week: 300 min (5 hours)

That’s 20 hours per month
Or 60 hours over 3 months!

Compare that to the ease of the Bod in a Box. Done in your own home, with no need to drive anywhere, and the warm ups build into the workout, so you can start when you have time. Let’s say 40 minutes just to be on the safe side.

40min @ 4x per week: 180 minutes (2.5 hours)

That’s only 10 hours per month.
And only 30 hours over 3 months!

Bod In A Box will Help you get in Ridiculous Shape in 10 Hours Per Month for Less Than 10% of what it Would Cost to Workout at a Gym with a Trainer

I’ve done the work, put together a proven program, and I want to help you get the best results of your life.

Even busy moms and CEOs have told me that they can spare 2.5 hours per week to devote to their health and getting stronger -EVEN with their hectic schedules and all the other tasks that pull them in every direction.

Including all the equipment which you get to KEEP.
The Effective Training Programs that can be used repeatedly
The Lifetime access to the video library
And the knowledge gained about your body and exercise,

The total cost of Bod in a Box is only 279.95!  249.00