3 Ways to Train your Core Standing Up


If you’ve been paying attention in the last year to the trend in core training, you’ll know that the overwhelming majority of trainers, myself included, have been promoting ANTI core training.

That is, not to say that I have been promoting not training core at all, but the paradigm has switched from training flexion (crunches, sit-ups) and rotation (Russian twist, cable rotations) to training ANTI-FLEXTION, and ANTI-ROTATION.

This is a much better way to train for athletes, or anyone who is looking to train in a way that will benefit them in and out of the gym by increasing overall strength and decreasing low back pain.

When I refer to the ‘core’, what I’m really talking about is everything in the torso, including abs, obliques, spinal erectors, and even muscles like the lats and pecs. All of these muscles synchronize to create maximal tension and support the spine under load.

The reason that ANTI core training has become so popular is because it works! Training this way trains  the muscles to support the spine, especially under load, like a heavy squat, or carrying bags of groceries up the stairs.

By training this way, you’re bulletproofing your body against the day when you slip on a sidewalk, get out of a car wrong, or bend, twist and lift (which is an obvious No-no.)

My newest article published over on STACK.com outlines a few different techniques that you can put into your workout today in order to reap the benefits of loaded carries, and turn your body into a bulletproof athletic machine.

Check it out here!

Let me know what you think!


    • I like your blog! If you’re looking for any other suggestions on protein (that doesn’t have green tea extract in it) or if you had any other questions, let me know!


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