Sugar is Your Enemy. Destroy It.

First of all, I’m not sorry for not posting at all last week. I was extremely busy finishing my research on the effect of cocaine on the protein receptor sites of small amphibians, taming a wild stallion with my mind, and throwing out the opening pitch at the giant’s game….The New York Giants. But I did have a few good ideas about new articles. When I say that, I mean that I had good ideas about things you need to change in your life to be more powerful and better looking.

First of all, you might remember that I have a vendetta against processed food, and specifically sugar, more specifically refined sugar. If you don’t remember that, it’s Ok. I don’t remember your birthday. Sure I see it on facebook, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna write on your wall. I’m not your pawn.
However, there are those of you who at the very mention of sugar or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), the hair on back of your neck will rise, and that’s good. But today, I’ll do my very best to explain why sugar makes me angry, and the consumption of such should be avoided at all cost.

First of all, the higher sugar or carbohydrate consumption that an individual partakes in, the higher their blood sugar will be. What does this mean? Well, to compensate for your elevated blood sugar levels, your pancreas has to work extra hard to secrete insulin, a hormone that is essentially a key that allows sugar in the blood to access cells and be used as energy. When your blood is saturated with sugar due to a binge or actually just eating 1/2 cup of sugar like my friend Kyle Wade, the insulin cannot keep up with the amount of blood sugar, and it becomes stored as fat, instead of being able to be burned off through activity.

Secondly, research shows that as little as 8 grams of sugar can suppress your immune system for up to 4 hours. Obviously this has a lot to do with activity level, lean body mass, weight, etc. However, the fact remains that sucrose and fructose both are immuno-suppressants. This is terrible for anyone who likes being healthy and feeling good on a daily basis.

Finally, a lot of forward thinking doctors are now classifying HFCS and sucrose as toxins. Not a category 1 toxin like drain-o or chlorine gas, but in the sense that exposure over years and years will result in diseases such as diabetes, cancer, or heart and eye disease. Diabetes is caused in part by having elevated blood sugar levels for long periods of time. Coupling this with a lack of exercise and carrying around extra fat, you’re a prime candidate. Diabetes doesn’t just require an insulin shot every day either. It necessitates an entire lifestyle change. Changing the times you can eat/exercise, limiting your freedom to do what you want based on your blood sugar is no way to live. Top that off with fear of kidney failure, blindness, and losing fingers and toes, you’ve got yourself an inconvenient disease.

Enjoy that little tidbit of knowledge next time your want some cotton candy.

Post Script
If you didn’t know, I love the alarmist/extremist point of view, and I wont hear any argument that doesn’t support my point. If you want unbiased, you’ve come to the wrong place. That being said, taking in between 25 and 60 grams of sugar per day wont hurt you if you maintain a decent activity level. Just please don’t waste that on candy.