Nate Palmer is a NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. He specializes in weight loss, rehabilitation and stretching, and athletic training. He also loves the smell of vanilla candles, and looking at pictures of puppies online, but he would never admit it.

Having worked with a variety of clients of different abilities, body types, and with different goals, Nate truly understands the importance of designing and implementing a unique program for each client. In doing so, your goals and body are taken into account. Your strengths are utilized, and your weaknesses challenged to achieve the body/function/golf swing you want. There are many trainers out there that don’t do a full movement assessment or create unique plans for their clients, Nate is not among them. Those trainers are the ones that are most equipped to train legions of android clone warriors, not people.

Each program comes with a complimentary full fitness assessment. We will check your weight, bodyfat, inch measurements, cardiovascular recovery rate, and range of motion throughout the various joints in your body.

Currently employed at PRO Sports Club in the greater Seattle Area, come check out our individual training packages.

Schedule your free assessment today! What’s the worst that could happen? You learn a lot about your body and have a really good time? That’s not even that bad!

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